Buying Printer Guide

General purpose printer is to print text, graphics and photos. While special purpose printers including portable printer, used to print images and labels. If you're looking for a printer to print, such as a photograph, consider whether you want to print it or want a printer that can print other types.
General purpose printers tend to focus on the image if the printer is intended to be used in the home or if the text is meant for the office. Some multifunction printer intended for a dual role for the printer home and office printers (especially for home office), but generally favor one role over the other. Consider where you are using the printer and select printer designed for that role.
The third category is the technology, laser and inkjet increasingly overlap in capabilities, but there are still differences. The most important thing that all laser printers (laser type of printer and printer ink LED-based solid) print-quality text than any inkjet, dah almost all inkjet print quality than laser tniggi. Ask yourself whether text or photos that are more important and select appropriate technologies.